It’s Do or Die in Kitui County Assembly Speaker’s Race as 7 Candidates Cleared to Face Off with Hon Ndotto


Eight candidates have been cleared for the Speaker’s race in the County Assembly of Kitui. They include the incumbent Hon. George Mutua Ndotto who according to political analysts has very slim chances of recapturing the seat.

Kitui County Assembly Speaker’s Candidates

MCAs have openly expressed their fears that electing Ndotto will be like signing their exit from the Assembly and killing their dreams on arrival. This is premised on his rigid and archaic leadership style that has seen elected MCAs lose enmass in subsequent elections.

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In the 1st County Assembly only 6 got re-elected, while in the second only 4 returned but only based on their sheer efforts, a trend that has been very worrying many. The county Assembly staff have also been an oppressed lot under the leadership of Hon. Ndotto and have campaigned openly against his return to any MCA they meet at the Chambers and on their way.

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Frontrunners in the race are Paul Ngula Kitungu and Benjamin Mwikya Musyoki. Kitungu’s understanding and articulation of his transformative agenda for the county Assembly, opening the Assembly to external partnership and publicity, and devolving of the county Assembly activities is winning the hearts of many MCAs.

This is coupled with his experience and understanding of the play between the core mandates of the CA and politics.

Musyoki, a lawyer by profession is a frontrunner who promises the MCAs sweeping reforms in laws governing the operations of the Assembly. This alone however, according to some   MCAs, has not provided the much needed formula to address the welfare of members in the house and are not sure they need a lawyer to move the CA to the next level.

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Others contestants are lawyer Kelvin Kinengo Katisya and Businessman Augustus Kyalo Muli. Two former MCAs in the Second Assembly; Andrew Ndisya Lusa and Boniface Kilaa Kasina are also in the race.