It is time Kalonzo Parted ways with Raila Odinga -Nimrod Mbai


Kitui East Bold and fearless Member of Parliament Hon Nimrod Mbai, who is known by his political tagline “Kama Mbaya Mbaya” has provoked cybernaut users in kitui and beyond again.

Mp has said Its time wiper leader and kamba kingpin hon Kalonzo Musyoka to disengage with Raila Odinga, and this will ask for total support from his back yard…1st Samuel 10:6

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To Kamba Leaders, even if you dont like Kalonzo Musyoka…kindly do not undermine him in any manner, Kitui east Member of Parliament hon Nimrod Mbithuka has said.

“a friend of your enemy is your enemy and, the enemy of your enemy is your friend – Steve Leonard( Military Science Scholar)”

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“Andu Makuungie Mbusya mekuaa kindu kyuukaya Ngusuni”-Mukamba wa tene, when hunters are about to hit the target, they do not carry with them flurry apparatus,.Nimrod said.

We are in a critical moment as kamba Nation, let kamba community ignore the self seekers in totality, lets latch them out of all the three Kamba Counties….tough talking Nimrod added.

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“Kyambo kimwe kitumwa kalua katanyaa”- Mukamba wa tene Masaa ma Kusaasa nimavikie. “One mistake will not deter the river to flow”.Nimrod added.