It is NEVER what you do that COUNTS, but how you do it.



An act can be deemed right by the whole world and by all spiritual laws, and yet be dishonest. You may feel divided about it, may have committed it out of fear, compulsion, or greed, to receive love and approval.

Then it is not your real self that acts, regardless of how perfect the outer action may seem. On the other hand, your action may be condemned by the world. It may be contradictory to any notion of perfection.

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Yet in your present state, not only is it unavoidable but is even necessary. You show yourself as you are, by your nature and your inner development.

If you are at one with yourself about it, fully assuming responsibility, ready to pay the consequences, this imperfect act is more perfect, more according to your truth than external perfection.

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To understand this concept requires a certain amount of insight and progress. It certainly cannot be approached lightly and irresponsibly.

Childish willfulness, always wanting to get something for nothing, should not be confused with this kind of perfect imperfection.