Meet Ngutani Ward Iron Iron Lady, the Most Sought after.



NGUUTANI– They do not call Christine Mwende an Iron Lady for nothing.

The 30 year old politician lady gunning to represent Nguutani Ward at the Kitui County Assembly come 2022 has proved her mettle in matters of women empowerment – not only in her Ward but across Mwingi West constituency as a whole.

Winning Hearts and Minds

According to one Boda Boda association official Mwangangi Muthami who hails from her village, the Iron Lady has been winning hearts and minds of everyone including Boda Boda operators by helping them overcome the red tape when registering Saccos and CBOs.

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Free Advisory Services

Advisory Servicewo years down the line Christine has helped register over 8 Sacco including the Mwingi West Boda Boda Sacco and Uthui Sacco, with tens of self-help groups belonging to women in the 4 wards that make up Mwingi West constituency benefiting from her advisory services.

Bureaucracy and Red Tape

“In 2018 Mwende, who comes from the neighboring Nzauni village met us at Nguutani town and helped us with the rigourous process of registering our SACCO.

Paying Lip Service

We had approached other leaders who not only gave us lip service but even wanted kickbacks” said the SACCO chairman during the interview.

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Banking and Book Keeping

Christine has been consistent when we need advice on banking and book keeping. Everyone is proud of her work with women whom she has empowered with merry-go-rounds calling her The Iron Lady Of Mwingi West” said Mutuku. asistered us a SACCO.

Sustaining Livelihoods

In her own words, she says her focus will be geared towards uplifting the ivelihoods of women and youth thorough resources mobilisation.

Financial freedom

” I am creating a permanent and sustainable solutions to uplift and encourage financial freedom to our the womenfolk. I am also working in tandem with financial companies and UWEZO Fund to empower women and youths. My manifesto and roadmap is already ready” she told COUNTY DIARY yesterday.

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MP CNN NGuna Support

Asked if she supports the area MP Hon. Charles Nguna, Mwende answered in affirmative, that;
Yes i am working hand in hand with CNN. He has helped my fellow youths through sports and i am proud of him”

The Mwingi West constituency consists of 4 wards namely Nguutani, Migwani Ward, Kiomo Kyethani and Kyome.

(This article first appeared on COUNTY PRESS KENYA)