Is ODM’s Loss In Ugenya, Embakasi South Mini Polls A Beginning Of the End?


6th April 2019

By our Reporter

Raila Odinga’s ODM could be forgiven for losing yesterday’s Embakasi South mini polls but its humiliation in Ugenya has left tongues wagging.

How could Baba party lose a by-election in the middle of his political turf and James Orengo’s constituency? These are some of the mind-boggling questions” Kenyans are asking.

In Embakasi South, Wiper’s Julius Mawathe retained his seat after garnering 21,628 votes against ODM’s Irshad Sumra’s 7,988.

In Ugenya, David Ochieng carried the day, giving a blow to ODM’s Chris Karan who had hoped to win back the seat he lost when his election was nullified.

The unfolding has left many wondering whether mere arrogance and overconfidence saw ODM underrate its opponents or the party leadership got distracted by the handshake and their apparent mission to finish DP Ruto ahead of 2022 general election.

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But we cannot fail to commend Sumra for bravely conceding the humiliating defeat. His was a mature and democratic.

Reverting to Ugenya, it is no doubt that the people of Nyanza are gradually but surely liberating themselves from Tinga’s grip. But could it be the ripple effect of the handshake which seems to have delivered Kenyans from ethnic mindsets?

Though it is common knowledge that David Ochieng was Ruto’s project, the fact that people of Ugenya chose to ignore Raila’s “don’t embarrass me” pleas and voted for Ochieng overwhelmingly is enough a political statement that end of Baba’s time is nigh.

The electorate went for the most suitable candidate who would serve their interest, not the tribal chief.

If yesterday’s developments are anything to go by, then Raila should have made the wise decision to hang his boots while he was the a darling of the people. Now it is too late and Nyanza is Ruto’s for the taking.

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“However, it may console Raila fanatics to know that ODM is not dead yet because it is on life support machine but it is just a matter of time before Doctor William Ruto drops a bombshell and declare it dead!” says a Nairobi based lawyer.

You’ll realize the patterns in ODM losing is most probably a case of the electorates becoming more enlightened and being able to detach themselves from self-proclaimed political demigods. Mawathe’s win is neither Kalonzo nor Ruto’s win and so is the loss…

Is it a case of looming revolution?

“There is light somewhere at the tunnel; one day, too soon, Kenya is going to be led by a president who will mean good for his people, a president who will lead with integrity and people’s interests at heart. Soon and very soon Kenyans will break loose from the grip of selfish leadership. It can’t get any better. The future is bright!


“Dynasties are slowly falling apart. Huyo Mzee amechezewa karata chini ya meza.The handshake scam is coming to an end too. Thank you ugenya and Embakasi……” says an optimistic Kenyan.

Those who have thrived on divisions and hate to advance their political careers will be sent into political oblivion.

There will be a complete revolution in Central Kenya and Luo Nyanza. Deprived of a Luo and Kikuyu enemy, Nyanza and Central Kenya politicians must campaign based on issues affecting common mwananchi in 2022 and that will be the ultimate gain of the handshake.