Is Kennedy Kalonzo the Next Mp in Mwingi North?



The EALA Member of Parliament hon Kennedy (Mboi) Kalonzo Could be the next Mwingi North Mp where his father has been Mp for 27 years. Family dominance in the entire region cannot be ignored.

Is Mp Eng Nzengu under Siege? will he be able to handle the pressure from the senior most family or will he run for the senatorial seat instead, these are developing news we will be following, for sure Mwingi North cannot betray hon Kennedy Kalonzo.

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Mp Musyoka on Friday dispatched a team to donate the sanitary towels to local schools ahead of the international fete which will be marked on may 28.

The entry of Kennedy Musyoka to local politics in Mwingi is expected to tilt the political landscape, the young man is a good man because he is not bad.

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This significant occasion aims at honoring and to celebrate women worldwide, highlighting the importance of menstrual hygiene, the TCD digital reports.

The event took place at Tseikuru Secondary and Primary schools, where the team engaged in activities to raise awareness and promote proper menstrual hygiene practices.

This is a journey he plans to continue with now and in the future as he also digs into his local political ambitions, the succession politics in Mwingi North is expected to play in the coming days.

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In what pundit say could be a scheme to flex his political muscles. See the below pictorial on how it went down: