Is David Musila Planning to Throw his Weight On Gubernatorial Race Through a Proxy?


The Respected and decorated administrator and former Kitui Senator Hon David Musila is alleged to be eyeing Kitui gubernatorial contest through a proxy according to the grapevine.

Musila’s Game is a scheme to Divide larger Mwingi votes and repudiate wiper candidate who is expected to enjoy massive following from Mwingi.

Politics is Art of Strategy, and just like Songs & Poems politics have themes. Every poetry must make sure his poet has theme of the message and must identify his audience same to Song writer, if you fail to identify audience and Theme of song you design to fail, Kitui East Youth Leader Katunda kingangi Wrote on social media.

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Political themes is what drives the politics Not good manifestos or money. Manifestos & money are just ingredients.
1997 it was Charity Kaluki ngilu moment ,She maximized her moment quite well by vying for President and that’s what made her what she is today politically.

Musila who left Wiper party as a bitter man is said to be courting young candidate who will be deputised by his son, the game plan is not win the contest but to make sure Kalonzo Candidate will not win against Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.

Musila is a SUAVE politician and decorated administrator, he is loved by the people of Kitui despite his advanced age, he is an elder of Repute, Former Vp Musyoka should have reinstated musila as wiper chair or patron.

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We shall tell you why Ngilu Stands out

In 2002 the theme of politics was to sent KANU home yaani kuzika KANU. Nobody listened to anything else apart from that .Those who stood with KANU were swept by NARC candidates including experienced & veteran politicians.

In 2017 there was No theme of politics ,it was difficult time ever for politicians, Nothing in common wasbmoving people to vote in certain direction apart from tribe. There was No clear winner hence nullification of elections and subsequently withdraw of NASA from the repeat elections.

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In 2022 the theme of politics has drawn itself. People are Not subscribing to BBI & Handshake politics 100%.
The theme of politics in 2022 will be Hustler Nation vis-à-vis Dynasties That’s bitter truth.

The Hustler Nation narrative will be from President to MCA seats.
The point is who identifies himself with Hustler Nation and his identification is accepted by the people, Katunda added.