Is Dad Kitengenzi The Emerging Kingmaker In Kitui Gubernatorial Politics?



He is the consummate leading light of Kitui Gubernatorial politics;

Lucas Muthoka aka Dad Kitengenzi – an irascible, populist maverick who at times handpicks Hon Jonathan Mueke close allies and runs his itinerary is a politician in his own right.

Rumoured to be eyeing the Kyome Thaana Nzau MCA seat, Dad Kitengenzi says;

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“We should never stop trusting the people, who we are privileged to serve in whatever capacity and for however long,” Dad Kitengenzi says.

Currently working with YEPSA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION, Dad Kitengenzi is one of the Hon. Jonathan Mueke Think Tanks in his Kitui political activities.

Mueke, the top notch politician with deep connections at the national level is slated to take over the Kitui Governorship in 2022.

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