Is the Iconic Allan Sila Kithome Eying the County Seat?


By County Diary Reporter

The big question is who is Allan Silla?

Kitui South young chap Allan Sila Kithome, the philanthrophic Founder of Joysila Foundation has been winning banquets of praise among the netizens.

The proflic development icon has been the talk of villages and towns – by all and sundry – from the lowest of holloi polloi to those in the highest echelons of political power!

Riding Roughshod

As he rides roughshod in Ukambani, his movement and mettle has left netizens and political wagging their tongues as the gravepine showers him with praises due to his philanthrophic feats.

Allan Kithome joins Governor Charity Ngilu for a fund drive (FILE)

Masters Degree

Allan Kithome holds a Masters Degree in Statistics (Kenyatta University). He is a successful man and a Manager in censor petroleum operating in dozen countries including East Africa, Singapore, Dubai, and the United States.

Cool and Focussed

He is known to be a cool and focused upcoming young chap. Allan is loved by all and sundry and exhibits good communication skills; he listens, he is down to earth but sometimes loathed and hated in equal measure.

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Friend and Foe

He attracts both friends and foe with equal measure but nevertheless, Allan is assertive, humorous, eloquent and commands a fanatic following in Kitui County particularly Youth and women.

Profilic Development Icon

“Since last year the his proflic development charity foundation – as it’s president has been supporting and serving people of Kitui County in various categories ranging from church functions, women groups, youth groups, funerals, and other functions.

Why Does He Want

This has triggered questions from people of Kitui County about who exactly is Allan Sila? What does he want? Is he eyeing for any County seat? The Country Diary has no idea! and yet…

A Mega Functions Impressario

Allan Sila who is a son of Kithome from Ikanga, Kyatune location and ails from a dusty backwater village called Enzou.

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Helping The Neddy

He has been very active in most of Kitui County mega functions and has paying school fees for over 300 needy children from poor backgrounds in different parts of the semi-arid Kitui County.

Student Sponsorships

In Mwingi North the Foundation has sponsored over 200 students for Secondary education and Universities.

Motivational Speaker

Allan Sila has held motivational talks with Varsity students who are in different universities.

Just recently he visited students of Kitui County at the Kenyatta University where he spent 2 hours interacting and consultating with students on diverse topics including career advisory and social talks.

Ikanga Boys Alumni

Allan is also an old boy of Ikanga boys Kitui South he had passed well being in a group of students from the same school who scored an A-minus and he qualified to join Kenyatta University for Bachelor’s Degree in statistics.

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The Joysila Foundation President is down to earth fellow is committing himself in helping people of kitui county, the recent move last weekend where Allan sila is seen walking together with local residents during church harambee presided over by Kitui County Governor H.E Charity Ngilu in his home ground at Ikanga.

He helped the Redeemed Gospel Church of Ikanga raise 1.1M.

The Foundation President gave 80K with Charity Ngilu giving 100k respectively.


People of Kitui County have started seeing his commitment and even asking themselves for what he is really eyeing for.

Rumors have it that he might be eyeing for a Senatorial seat in Kitui County which he hasn’t declared well.

Tense Mood

However, the incumbent senator Hon Kiio is in the tense mood since Allan sila is actually overworking and always in the ground to give support to the people of Kitui County.