Irate Kitui Youth Stage Demo accusing MCAs of blatant Sabotage to The Governor Ngilu



In an unprecedented display of the power of the voter, Kitui youth took the streets of Kitui town to demonstrate against what they term as sabotage of development by the Kitui County assembly.

The hundreds of youths marched to the gates of Kitui Assembly chambers to formally register their anger over the assembly’s move to block funding for the construction and set up of KICOTEC in Mwingi and Mutomo areas.

Governor Ngilu in her 2020/21 financial year budget, had set aside funds to create more employment opportunities and boost the local economies of both Mwingi Municipality and Mutomo areas by setting up the hugely successful and now internationally acclaimed KICOTEC but the Kitui County Assembly that is dominated by Wiper party blocked this move by expunging the allocation from the budget.

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All the youth who are employed KICOTEC drawn from all corners of KItui County joined in the demonstration as they claimed that KICOTEC had positively changed their lives and those of their families and argued that Kitui MCAs should reconsider their move to block Mwingi and Mutomo KICOTEC.

It should also be noted that Kitui County public service employees continue to go through untold suffering in the middle of the COVID-19 global pandemic as a result of the Kitui Assembly’s move to play politics with the 2020/21 financial year budget.*

Kitui MCAs completely mutilated and altered the 2020/21 financial budget by up to 65% when the law only allows MCAs to make changes of up to only 1%. The resolutions of the County Assembly on the FY 2020 – 21 budget estimates violated various provisions of the PFM Act, 2012 and PFM Act, (County Government Regulations) 2015 making it impossible for Governor Charity Ngilu to assent to the budget.

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The result is an unnecessary standoff engineered by the Kitui County Assembly to make sure that, County Employees do not receive their salaries and no development goes on in Kitui County.

Over 700 employees and trainees from Kitui Youth and Skills Enterprise Centre for cabros Making and Kitui County Textile Centre respectively held demonstrations disrupting business in most parts of Kitui Town, in the morning of Tuesday August 18, 2020.

The furious youth and women waved placards warning the County Assembly to stop sabotaging Narc’s Governor Charity Ngilu ambitious development agenda for the county government to realise timely disbursement of salaries to employees and creation of more job opportunities at Mutomo and Mwingi KICOTEC branches that were already factored in Executive’s 2020/2021 FY budget estimates before the malicious mutilation by the MCAs.


The demonstrators decried of looming poverty and hindering of job opportunities with the continued hard-liner stand by anti Charity Ngilu MCAs, mostly of whom were elected on Wiper Democratic Movement tickets, and serving egocentric and party interests at the dire expense of the people of Kitui across the 40 Wards.