By Dr. Temi Mutia

Folks, i am, but just thinking aloud.
Kindly try and excuse me for my indulgence.

Please; It was a few months to the March 2013 general elections.

I had been towing with the idea of running for MP for the newly created Mwingi West Constituency for well over a year.

Finally, i had made up my mind that i had already done sufficient ground work throughout out the Constituency, and that, i stood a pretty good chance of winning.

However, i was yet to decide on the political party to join.

In 2017, i did not run because, i had just won a highly lucrative support for my PhD studies in the Netherlands. I was now in the final stretch of doing the final editing, crossing the “ts”, putting the dots and of course cross-referencing both the content and logical sequence of my work.

I had returned to Kenya in October of 2012, after which i went straight to Lamu, where i was doing a major consultancy work for the EU on demarsal fish.

I was mostly operating from Lamu island as well as from Kipini, in Mpeketoni area.

Kipini is a small town, where the mighty Tana River joins the Indian Ocean, and is also home to jumbo lobsters, red snappers and a myriad of other highly priced sea fish.
Further, Kipini has some of the most serene beaches I have ever come across in my world travel.

In addition, women in Kipini are uniquely beautiful. They are mostly a cross breed of Bajunis (descendants of 15th Century sailors from Persia and the locals).
The only major problem with the community is that, 90% of the girls are married off at the average age of 13.

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It was in Kipini where I would try and have my “me moments”. I would have deep reflections on nearly everything I was trying to do… completion and eventual defense of my thesis. The future of my consultancy work… and ultimately, of my my political dream of joining competitive politics… Which Political Party should I join …and Why???.

Was, Wiper (…the then most popular political party in Lower Eastern at the time, going to accept to give me a fighting chance in the ring???.

What chance did i have of getting the Wiper Party Ticket???

As the clock slowly ticked, two major things happened:
(1) The Court moved the General Elections forward by 3 Months to March 2013;
(2) A small team of my inner circle of advisers (Think Tank), wanted me to have a meeting with the then Party Chairman (Hon. David Musila), regarding my joining the Wiper Party.

Suddenly, on one bright, Thursday morning, on 1st of November 2012 to be precise, as I was preparing to go out to the field, my phone rang. On the line was Mr. Mulaki Kilrmbwa, the then GM of Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi, and a Man i hold in the highest esteem.

He was also the Chairman of my inner circle of my core campaign team.

He told me that he had already secured a lunch appointment with the then Party Chairman (Hon. David Musila), for the following day, in Nairobi and that, I had to do whatever needed to be done to honor the appointment at the agreed venue and time.

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He had left me with no other option but to honor his request. Quickly, i made the necessary arrangements to travel overnight to Lamu and took the first flight to Nairobi, the following day, where i arrived at the agreed lunch meeting just a few minutes to the agreed time.

At the lunch table, we were about half a dozen of us (Including Mr. Kilembwa and Hon. Musila) during which i was assured of a very “fair playing field”.

The four course lunch was sumptuous.

I trusted the assurances i was given …and footed the lunch bill. After all, everything was being done to smoothen my journey through nominations, and ultimately the coveted nomination certificate.

Later, during the Campaigns, i met the Wiper Party Leader at his Jogoo House and had a very candid and lengthy discussion with him. He also asked me to assist the Party in developing a draft Party Campaign road map Manifesto and a Strategic Plan for his Private Foundation. I agreed to both requests.
He, them asked me to work very closely with the Secretary General of the Party (The late Mutula Kilonzo Snr.), who had recently been moved from the Constitutional Affairs docket to that of higher education.

We developed an instant / excellent working relationship and he even gave me an autographed copy of the 2010 Constitution, which i have kept in my private library to date.

By now, i was fully convinced that, my journey to the promised land was unstoppable… …i quickly put my gloves on, and jumped into the ring.

HOWEVER, as I was to learn later, from the Party Leader himself, things on the ground regarding the 2013 Party nominations were supposed to be quite, quite different. All the moves done shortly before the 2013 nominations were a farce. They were only aimed at ensuring that, i did not join the rival political camp on the ground….(The Charity Kaluki Ngilu camp of course).

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Simply put, my nomination race was supposed to start and end at the Party nominations stage,. The certificate was supposed to be given to the candidate preferred by one of the top Party Mandarins.

Following this disclosure, i started trusting the words of the Party Leader more and more.

By this time, i had been appointed to the position of the Acting CO of Wiper Party, was a NEC Party member and also in the countdown to the 2017 general elections, doubled as the Deputy Head of the Cord / NASA Secretariat. I thought i was NOW senior enough within the Party ranks… and that, i could now, NEVER suffer the kind of mistreatment / humiliation I had endured in 2013.

… I was wrong …dead wrong.
The 2017 Party nominations for the EALA seat would teach me a Political lesson, i shall NEVER forget in my entire life.

My word of advice, thus: Those of us vying for vsrious Political Seats… and / supporting various candidates.

(1) Political Parties in Kenya have their owners;

(2) You MUST never take politics too seriously;

(3) Don’t fight and / or insult one another in the name of politics.

(4) There is life beyond Politics.

(5) Further, please advice your various candidates to ONLY agree to go for Party nominations ONLY when they have the Party nomination certificate in their pocket.

(6) Please minimize your Campaigns on Social Media. (…there are NO online Votes…Please).

(7) Even if you forget everything else I have said, please try and remember my bullet number one.

…Vyama vya Siasa Kenya, viko na Wenyewe.

Happy Easter Holidays.