Insecurity;Armed Bandits Wreck havoc in Mutha, Two suspect arrested.


Mutha Residents decry rampant insecurity, want state intervention

Insecurity in mutha, kitui south continue to be a big challenge since from the days of memorial, on Saturday two primary school teachers were shot by marauding camel headers at Kwa mussenge while flushing out camels which had invaded the area.

Police in mutha have arrested two suspects one Aged 30yrs and ADEN aged 18 yrs from Somali community and are in police custody at Mutha police station,the two are accused of shooting two teachers yesterday evening at Kalambani in mutha location,

Suspects will be arraigned in mutomo court tomorrow,Mutomo deputy county commissioner Dr Ronald Enyakasi has confirmed .

The residents are calling upon the government to disarm the marauding camel cowpoke who is responsible for numerous death in the area, the residents have observed how the former Mutomo DCC Dr. Ouma used to respond to SOS for mutha people effectively.

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The DCC used to flush Out those camels herders out of mutha farms, but the current situation seems to have worsened, the residents are calling upon the security apparatus to intensify the operations to flush out the armed criminals.

There have been sluggish moves on solving this Mutha problem by the responsible entities, the residents are asking how long shall peace in mutha remain a vocabulary? How long does it take for the government to disarm these criminals? these are the tough questions being asked by depressed people of mutha.

The former Mutomo DCC Dr. Jacob Ouma will be remembered for the marvelous work he did in dealing with these camel herders, the residents expect the new deputy county commissioner for Mutomo to act swiftly and clean the mess which has continued to be a thorn in the flesh.

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Kitui local leaders led by the Governor Ngilu, kitui south member of Parliament Dr. Kaki Nyamai, kitui East Member of Parliament hon Nimrod Mbithuka mbai have been urged to come together and gawk for a lasting solution

Two people were found hopelesly at the road by good Samaritan nursing gun wounds where they called the police who took them to mutomo hospital for treatment.

Aliyejeruiwa Kwa crisis na ambapo amepatikana akiwa amelala barabarani baada ya kulemewa, Radha mwadhiriwa ni Mwalimu wa shule ya msingi ya Kalambani offisa Mku wa police asema uchunguzi unaendelea

The incident happened at Musenge primary in Mutha, where two teachers are nursing gun wounds after being shot by marauding camel herders while chasing camels