Inferring your thresholds in a relationship will spark your nuptials forever


Boundaries are the most important component in relationships. They help us first to define ourselves before we can fully and freely give ourselves selflessly to others. As our self-awareness deepens and our range of perception widens.

The more we expand our boundaries to include even those who seem inimical to us. A fully self-aware being has no boundaries as it is one with all that is, and this we have called “God” or “Universe” or “existence”! So get it right.

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We first need to attain unto our own selfhood before we can risk losing it! The biggest issue people have with boundaries in relationships is because they were taught that being “selfish” is evil, so we try to accommodate everyone in our lives even when we don’t have that capacity.

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First, be absolutely selfish until you come to see that selfishness only harms you! Until this is a self-experienced state, you cannot help being selfish, and all your love will simply be pseudo for it has no foundation.

So set and enforce boundaries until you come to the point where you see that they are useless.