I’m sorry Dr Malombe, Dr Kyale ask kituians for forgiveness


The former Political advisor, Dr dicken kyale has come out openly to ask forgiveness for the mistakes he did, to kitui former Governor Dr Julius Malombe and subsequentnt resigning as an advisor.

Dr kyle took to social media on Friday to convey his feelings as a man of God, “Let me pen something down now that I have a few minutes! he continued.

In the last electioneering period I made costly blunders that could possibly have contributed in bringing Kitui where it is. I have had my time to reflect and rethink. “There are decisions I regret”

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But, I have submitted to God, “I personally have taken time humbly to seek the forgiveness of Dr. Malombe and his family, for my conscience then told me that it was right, I do so, and they forgave me.

“I then took to social media and sought Kitui’s forgiveness! Am forgiven, “whatever I do today I do so out of pure conscience and this forgiveness, the former political advisor lamented.

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Those who think that they can target me for purchase before they even think of it, let them know I am too bright to repeat costly mistakes. I have no price tag whatsoever!

“I will stand for what my conscience tells me and as at now being overly convinced that kitui under ngilu is a phony, travesty, and catastrophe and we are headed nowhere. And come 2022, am gonna correct my mistakes and aggressively mobilize kitui to repudiate ngilu big time, and with the help of God, it shall happen! He added.

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As for me, I don’t even touch a coin of any politician, lives alone a politician who my heart and soul have rejected. I rest my case! Kyale posted on social media.