I’m Coming to Save You, I have heard Your Cry – Says Hon Joe Mutambu




Mwingi Central Mp MULYUNGI could be in deep trouble as NUU residents in Mwingi Central Constituency ask former Hon Joe Mutambu to run for the Parliamentary seat: they say that they have not only been neglected by the current Mp but defranchised.

The bitter residents of Nuu in Mwingi Central have been camping at Hon Joe Mutambu home pleading with him to run for Mwingi Central Parliamentary seat.

It is Now Official that – Mwingi Central former Member of Parliament Hon Joe Mutambu will be on the ballot for Mwingi central Parliamentary race after residents asked him to run.

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The former powerful Member of Parliament Hon Mutambu will be taking on the current Mp hon Gideon MULYUNGI in Mwingi Central hotly contested parliamentary race come 2022

Speaking to the COUNTY DIARY The Former legislator confirmed that he will be on the race, “The people of Mwingi Central are determined to unite and reclaim the lost glory”

“Elected leaders are not gods to be worshipped, we are going to bring New Order in town that brings to their electorates what is legally their constitutional right”.

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“With the right people in leadership, we are guaranteed the much-needed developments, freedoms of association, choice and expressions without fear of intimidation or insults” said Mr Munguti, a voter in Mwingi Central added.

“We say no more dictatorship and political segregation of our people” said Mututa another voter told TCD.

Paul Kitungu, Watutu, Former Councillor Wambua Nzaghi, Incoming MCA Mwingi Central CPA Joseph Wambua, Mututa Kisinga, Brian Munyao and Kenyatta Murevi among others at Paul’s home endorsing Hon. Joe Mutambu for Mwingi Central Parliamentary seat in 2022 last Saturday.

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Run for Mwingi central Parliamentary seat, women plead with Mutambu to run for the seat.

You must be our Mp, Bitter residents plead with Joe Mutambu.
Its either Mutambu or/Mutambu says Mwingi central residents ask him to run for the seat.

We need you as Mwingi central Mp, residents demonstrate asking Mutambu to run for Parliamentary seat in 2020.