I’m a wiper life member, Ignore rumours from my Foes – Mp Nguna



Wiper party strong man and Mwingi West Member of Parliament Hon Charles Nguna has trashed malicious online Publication being advanced by the political nemesis that he won not because of his party.

The shameless and colorless competitors who lost the election in 2022 Mwingi have been trying to implicate him into unnecessary controversies for their selfish gains.

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The widespread wiper legislator whose development scorecards are being begrudged by many has said he is a Wiper life member and he will always defend the policies of the party.

Nguna reiterated his unwavering support for the wiper democratic party and the party leader and urged Kamba leaders to follow HE Dr. Kalonzo Musyoka.

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Speaking in kitui on Saturday, Nguna cautioned the kenya kwanza Government against sidelining the Kamba community because if it were not for the Votes Kamba lands, President Ruto will not be the president of kenya today.

Mp Nguna asked the President to honor the promise he gave to the people of Kenya. He further added that the current voters are much wiser than yesterday.

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