PHOTOS! Mulyungi Gives 2.4M To Upgrade 2 Schools In NGUNI



MP Raises 1.4M For MUTHUKA Sec In NGUNI

NGUNI, July 13 – Development honcho MP Gideon Mulyungi today raised Ksh 1.4M for MUTHUKA Sec to renovate and upgrade the school in NGUNI Ward.

The Wiper lawmaker gave 500K during the successful fundraiser held yesterday afternoon.

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The MP further gave 50K for students tour, local media said yesterday.

Hon. Mulyungi Gives 1M To NGUNI Primary School

MP Mulyungi today gave Ksh 1M to NGUNI Pry to enable the school furnish a dormitory for boarders, construct toilets and upgrade the school.

Area MCA Kiruru described the school as ” utterly neglected’ by previous regimes as MP addressed assembled battery of local reporters at the venue today afternoon.

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(CREDIT: Illustration and Photos By PATRICK KIMANZI, The Director – MULYUNGI Communications)