Ignore Propagandist whose Intention is to divert Attention-Minister Patrick Musau



By yoana kim

The government propagandistas have mastered mischievous tricks to divert the attention of the people of the people of kitui.

The latest propangada has forced the minister in charge of tourist to issue a statement ” My attention has been drawn to a fake letter purporting to have the county budget for tomorrow’s 21/2019 event at KU.
For the record, the event is sponsored by KU, East Africa Educational Publishers, Ministry of culture and heritage state department in partnership with county’s department of culture.
The purported budget is malicious meant to tarnish the importance of the event Patrick Koki Musau Minister in charge of Tourism, Sports and Culture said.

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This is propaganda by individuals aiming at diverting the government’s focus on matters development.

The County Government of Kitui hereby dismisses this as a FALSE story that MUST be IGNORED.

last month they created fake WhatsApp conversation for one of staunch government supporter Saying he has requested them to ask the Governor Ngilu about KANGU Kangu water update..

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Last year the same blogger created yet another Fake Mpesa text implicating yoana kimwele and the minister of finance…a time is coming when these mischievous and propangadist will be forced prove these allegations