Ignore Malicious Publications: Mwingi Level IV. Hospital is in Good Condition, Dr. Evans Mumo assures Netizens



Mwingi L. IV. Hospital Medsup Dr. Evans Mumo has trashed the publication of malicious stories in Circulation in social media on the state of the Hospital.

Speaking to the TCD Editorial team, Dr. Mumo said the hospital is running well and asked citizens to ignore any negative publications about the hospital.

“When the MCAs visited the facility last week, The MedSup assured the County Assembly members led by the Speaker that the Hospital was in a Good State and It will get better with the completion of the stalled projects.

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The Medsup praised the County Government for the recent supply of Drugs and Non-Pharmaceuticals to the Hospital this Week.

The Publication in Social Media Circulation that the Hospital lacks Drugs is malicious and meant to mislead the public, Dr. Mumo added.

The writer has chosen to create a negative story out of an otherwise positive story for reasons better known to him…. Most likely to fight the County Government.

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“Mwingi Hospital has benefited greatly from the County Government of Kitui” Dr. Mumo added.

During the visit by the County Assembly to various projects in the Hospital last week, the MCAs witnessed various projects done by HE Governor Malombe during his 1st Term.

These include:

  1. Complete New OPD
  2. New Surgical Ward

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Unfortunately, some stalled once he left the office.

It was expressed that the Hospital would benefit greatly from the completion of the stalled projects.

They were briefed on the Good Work done by Dr. Malombe during his 1st Term and hope that he will complete the stalled projects.

These include:

  1. New Mortuary
  2. Mother and Child Ward
  3. Amenity Ward Equipment


God Bless You

Dr Evans Mumo

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