In the whole existence, the only man needs rules. No other animal needs any rules.

The first thing that has to be understood: there is something artificial about rules. The reason a man needs them is that he has left is an animal and yet he has not become human; he is in limbo.

That is the need for all the rules.

If he was an animal, there would be no need. Animals live perfectly well without any rules, constitutions, laws, courts. If a man really becomes a man – not only in name but in reality…

Very few people have realized that up to now; for example, for men like Socrates, Zarathustra, Jesus, Bodhidharma, there is no need for any rules. They are alert enough not to do any harm to anybody.

There is no need for any laws, for any constitutions. If the whole society evolves to be authentically human, there will be love but there will not be law.

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The problem is that man needed rules, laws, governments, courts, armies, police force because he lost his natural behavior of being an animal and he has not gained another natural status again. He is just in between. He is nowhere. He is chaos. To control that chaos all these things are needed.

The problem becomes more complex because these forces which were evolved – religions, states, courts – to control man became so powerful. They had to be given power; otherwise, how would they control? So we fell into slavery on our own. Once they became powerful… now they don’t want to drop their vested interests. They don’t want a man to evolve.

If the individual evolves, society dissolves. The society exists only because the individual is not allowed to evolve. All these powers have for centuries been controlling men and enjoying their power, their prestige. They are not ready to let man evolve, to let man grow to a point where they become useless.

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The problem is that the forces that we created to keep man from falling apart into chaos are now so powerful that they don’t want to leave you free to grow – because if you are capable of growing, becoming an individual, alert, aware and conscious, there will be no need of all these people.

They will lose all their jobs, and with their jobs, their prestige, their power, their leadership, their priesthood, their popehood – everything will be gone. So now those who were at the beginning needed for protection, have turned into the enemies of humanity.

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My approach is not to fight against these people, because they are powerful, they have armies, they have money, they have everything. You cannot fight with them, you will be destroyed. The only way out of this mess is to silently start growing your own consciousness, which they cannot prevent by any force. In fact, they cannot even know what is going on inside you.

I give you the alchemy of inner transformation, and that is meditation.

Change your inner being. And the moment you are changed, completely transformed, you will suddenly see you are out of the imprisonment, you are no longer a slave. You were a slave because of your chaoticness.