Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr took a swipe on the County Government over allegations of corruption in Kibwana’s administration.

While addressing mourners at the burial of Josphat Muasa a businessman in Mukuyuni market Kaiti Constituency the visibly angry law maker gave an ultimatum to those using positions of leadership in the county to fraudulently enrich self.

“Any corrupt county officials should relinguish their positions and go home before I take over office as Governor in 2022. I will fire and jail some of you” said the Senator who disputes the narrative that Makueni is a corruption free zone. This confirms his ambition in the gubernatorial seat that is attracting heavyweights in a titanic Kibwana’s succession race.

The no-nonsense legislature who undoubtedly enjoys the confidence of his constituents let the cat out of the bag bursting Governor Kibwana who has been facing wide accusations of pulling PR stunts to cover his grey areas in the utilization of public funds. This development vindicates a section of civil society groups and vanecular radio presenters who have continuously warned of dubious transactions, misappropriation, reallocation and scewed tendering models in Makueni despite the County being given a clean bill of health last year after a series of six questionable audits.


It has been said before that corruption fights back,not even journalists or opinion movers are spared,Wavinya Muthiani a Musyi FM presenter and a Daily Nation newspaper reporter are among victims of Kibwana’s integrity wars. Two weeks ago the controversial elderly county boss who fell out with Wiper Party last year told Mbaitu FM a local station associated with his Kitui counterpart Ngilu that the former Vice President is behind his woes and has paid journalist to tint his image.

In a quick rejointer Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo told off Kibwana for always using Wiper as a scape goat to woo public sympathy in a supremacy battle that he lost before he began. The daring Second term MP eying for the Senate seat in 2022 told Kibwana to quite the party and relinguish his position if he feels uncomfortable with the party leadership especially on the war on graft.”If he continues to fight the leadership of our party we will have no apology but to assume that he is not one of us and invoked the Political Parties riot act…we have leaders like Prof. Kaloki who are ready to replace you indefinitely” he reprimanded.

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The law doesn’t forget, this are the words of political activist Musoma JM of the Makueni We Want Movement, another casualty of Kibwana’s bile. His lobby group that has locked horns with the county leadership for the last seven years over what the vocal youthful whistle blower calls “a cheriographed cartel poking legal loopholes on policy to embezzle taxes”,he claims that procurement gurus water the vineyards along corruption chain by assisting the cartels to create companies that tender to self and allies.The achain allegedly narrows down to PMCs to blind the public eye. He further notes that there is acute nepotism in hiring of staff with the vice hitting the governor’s and speaker’s offices.They are said to have used there positions to influence the Makueni County Service Board to accord their immediate relatives lucrative top jobs in Makueni. The cartels are said to be well guarded and more than often veto the governor’s stance on issues of public interest.

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In December last year the former Makueni Parliamentary Aspirant found himself behind bars after Kibwana launched a formal complaint with Makueni DCI where he was grilled by the detectives for being in possession of County Government documents classified as confidential after exposing mega corruption trends. The case was thrown out after the Wiper youthful leader dared them to move to court as he had incriminating evidence.”As the auditor general term ends,I would like Kenyans pushing for a referendum that will Senate to become a upper house with powers to grill Governors” said Musoma warning that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

His public policy advocacy lobby group will be moving to court seeking to have all governors who have served their second simultaneously barred from vyieng as immediate senators as it shall be sub-judicial to the authority of their successors.