I will be Uhuru Kenyatta Spanner boy former vice president Kalonzo Shocks Mourners.



10th November 2018

like a Hot sower Kalonzo did provoke and hardened off both the strong and weak to the turbulent time / harsh leadership climate in style!

by announcing to cling to Uhuru it’s like lifting the seedbed shade for direct sunlight to the seedlings)

Well,UKambani leadership regardless of a youthful firebrand or veteran leadership requirements,nobody should misundestand Kalonzo’s dialect as a way of showing the signal for relinquishing UKambani leadership…
Kalonzo is intellectually successful and was sharing his hidden secrets with both small and big political fighters

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Was it wise for skm to test both his past and current political fighters?” The wiper leader is very smart politician in our lifetime.

We note mostly those fighters seeking political refuge( political in laws ) start as inconsiderate enemies!To contain ugly image of fighting for attention at a burial and before the presidency what did you expect the bereaved Skm to say?

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Isn’t it fair to say UKambani leadership fights come from those who have nothing else to fight?Wiper leader has a hidden way of fighting for his:
Vision,dreams,ideas and destiny, Leaders are successful when they choose what they fight for wisely kudos father of ukambani .