I was elected to Restore Security in KE Nimrod Speaks


Stop attacking IG of Police for Enyali eviction, Mp Nimrod Tells Tana River Mps

Kitui East Member of Parliament hon Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai has said he was elected on the platform to restore security in volatile areas in kitui east constituency.

Making his contribution on live assembly heated debate on the floor of the National Assembly, “Hon Mbai it was wrong for the MPs of Tanariver to attack Inspect of police and Interior CS Dr. Fred Mating’ i and county commissioners.

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The cross border security meeting was co-chaired by county commissioners from Kitui, Tanariver and agreements were ratified by Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’ i.

The Operation which was undertaken at enyali in Kitui South game reserve, by security apparatus was in the culmination of intense lobbying by the leaders of the affected area led by the Governor of kitui HE Ngilu, Tanariver Governor.

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The MP said it is wrong for MPs of Tanariver to politicize the eviction at the game reserve and alleging the county commissioners brought bulldozers to evict people, saying it was a total lie.

In a heated debate, Nimrod said it was a cross border security operation with was sanctioned by the state and by law no human settlement is allowed in the National game reserve.

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Police do not own bulldozers, we should not politicize everything for the sake of it, Nimrod added