I have no Apologies to Anyone, Wambua’s Ex Wife Rants



The women who send his husband Mr Wambua to Kamiti prison has continued to rant following the decision by Court to release former husband from Kamiti maximum prison.

“I don’t regret what I did- Woman accused of sending husband to jail over false rape accusations now says”.

Jackline Nzilani, the estranged wife of Julius Wambua, the man who was recently released from Kamiti Maximum Prison after nine years for allegedly raping her daughter, has spoken for the first time.

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Nzilani, who has since remarried and bore five other children, stands by her side of the story and has no apologies to make.

“I have no regrets over what happened to Wambua. I am ready to face the court again and testify against him and I swear I never coached our daughter to lie,” she told media in a recent interview.

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Kenyans have called for the arrest of the woman ( Jezebel)/for misleading the court.