How YOANA Kimwele Became a ranking National Social Media Influencer



If Kitui County Governor H.E Charity Ngilu ranks as the most popular politician boasting thousands of followers on the social media landscape in Kitui, then towering social media influencer Yoana Kimwele must be the most sought after Blogger in Ukambani region – and he is not done yet.

A fortnight ago, Editors of The COUNTY DIARY Blog reported that the real-time news website had at last clocked in it’s millionth visitor, achieving a milestone envied by many wannabe bloggers in Kenya.

Yohana is the founder of The COUNTY DIARY, now considered to be the leading, most popular and trending News Blog in the region, raking in 120,000+ views in any given day.

Being a top-notch content marketing with one of fastest growing Blogs in Ukambani region, today Yoana is one of the topmost social media influencers packing in skills that include digital entrepreneurship, digital strategising , marketing blogging – not mentiong kingmaker in the strident Kenyan political arena.

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Due to his contribution to the digital marketing arena in Kenya, he was personally invited to high office by guess who – The Deputy President of Kenya, William Ruto himself! But details of the tree+a-tete remains scanty.

So how did Yoana Kimwele, the boy from Mutha in Kitui South make it this far?

The boy started on Facebook as a joke! Well, he created a Facebook Group dubbed Kitui County Professional which was later hacked and vanquished by Dr.Malombe’s communication team and technocrats who were irked particularly by it’s ballooning popularly amongst Kitui elite.

By the time they deleted the group, it had accumulated over 20K members, whose rank and file was populated by the holoi poloi in 2014.

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The son of Mutha did not give up, he went ahead to create yet another group – KITUI COUNTY which boasts over 100K members today.

He runs an executive WhatsApp group dubbed Kitui Professional Chat, that comprises of the who is who in Kitui County.

The boy from Kitui South last year made headline after meeting the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya. Details of the rendezvous Remains scanty.

“Social Media Marketing is the lifeblood of any online business or brand. It is immensely difficult for a business to imagine their online success without having an effective social media marketing strategy in hand.

Various studies have also cemented this fact that social media marketing is one of the most important aspects of online marketing” says Patrick Kimanzi, one of the Editors at The COUNTY DIARY.

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“He is among the most trusted blogger in entire Eastern region, he is suave, persuasive and a go-getter” adds Patrick Kimanzi.

In Kitui County, Governor Ngilu has the highest number of social media followers followed by Yoana Kimwele, he works closely with the County Government of kitui.

Social Media Marketing is a constantly evolving field and if you want to be successful, then you have to be on your toes and inquisitive enough to learn and adapt yourself according to the ongoing changes.

Yoana, the renown publisher of The COUNTY DIARY is reported to have enrolled for a degree in mass communication, according to grapevine.