This idea of mankind is we create our own reality at any given moment is life transforming. Have you ever wondered how we make “friends” easily with some people and “enemies” with others? It also happens that a friend in one moment can turn into an enemy in the next moment and vice versa. How does it happen?

When our minds agree, or are aligned, we are friends. When they disagree, we turn into enemies. Yet we remain the same same people. What changes is our “conception” of the other at that moment, and that conception creates friendship or enemity. Period.

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It is all a play of conciousness. What we take ourselves as being in that moment, we send to the world around us(others), and they reflect it back to us. It is all a fair game. As they say, all is fair in love and in war.

If I insult you, you can either accept it as your reality or reject it. If you accept that “I Am insulted”, you will insult me back. Accounts settled. If you refuse the insult, you will ignore it and stay calm. My insult comes back to me. I feel humiliated. Accounts settled.

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Whether you accept or refuse depends on your self conception at that time. All is fair in the end.Be sure to settle accounts quickly and change your reality for better.

Think about it