How Waita MCA Aspirant Hon Japheth Munywoki aka Kanzuli Is Empowering Youths By Facilitating TVET Trainings



Waita MCA Aspirant in 2022 Japheth Munyoki Muthui popularly known as Kanzuli is lobbying for an ambitious program to empower youths in Waita Ward, COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

“We are targeting to help at least 800 youths in the ward to enroll in Government TVET institutions so that they can benefit from Government grants and Higher Education Loans Board to help pay their fees” he said speaking to COUNTY DIARY.

All youths in the ward who have completed their secondary Education are encouraged to apply for Diploma Programs in the following fields.

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1) Electrical Engineering (Power Option)
2) Electrical Engineering (Electronics Option)
3) Automotive Engineering.
4) Building and Civil Engineering
5) Supply Chain Management
6) Business Management
7) Accounting Technician Diploma (KASNEB)
8) Food and beverage
9) Hospitality and Tourism
10) Quantity Surveying
11) Secretarial Studies
12) ICT
13) Social work and Community Development

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For more details, kindly call 0720341014

NB; All continuing students who were to finish this year will be contacted to resume studies this month by 28th.

Coppernicus Maluki-Youth

Empowerment coordinator – TEAM JAPHETH M. MUTHUI(Kanzuli) # SUREBET WaitaWard MCA2022.