How USA President Humiliated & frustrated Raila Odinga



Kenyan opposition Chief Rt Hon Raila Odinga was suffered untold humiliation by powerful USA President Donald Trump despite being invited to accompany President Uhuru Kenyatta.

What Raila didn’t know was that according to the American school of thought conceding defeat after election was normal and a respected tradition.

Raila followed Uhuru to the only world super power for undeserving high table breakfast and after an illegal swearing in!.

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Raila’s fate had been discussed by Trump administration even before his arrival as a ear marked bully to the president of Kenya who is young than him !

According to Trump it is not understandable why Raila didn’t go home after defeat like Hilary Clinton and wait to fight another day!

Raila was barred from attending White House meeting where President Uhuru was meeting President Trump.

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Now this didn’t go unnoticed with the self proclaimed people’s president.

Raila was barred from at least attending a discussion in the White House and he feels Uhuru was responsible.

He reads malice, got bored and as usual doubted the handshake. He was eager to know what trump told Uhuru !

He came back to Kenya disappointed and left to Sudan despite the State of mourning for the Nation !He again felt shortchanged in America !