We don’t normally fight our spouses, we fight with the image we have of them, and this image is deeply ingrained in our unconscious and we got it very early in childhood.

If women are close to their in-laws, especially early in marriage, this interferes with or prevents them from forming a unified and strong bond with their husband,” an expert in family counselling school of thought said, Here are some tips for getting along with your in-laws and strengthening your relationship with your spouse.

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Maturity, in the real sense of the word, is to severe the psychological bonds with our parents. Physical separation is a small aspect of the process and it may help a little, but to really mature, we must get rid of all foreign voices in our heads, primarily those of our parents.

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No one who is still psychologically enslaved to their parents can sustain a mature relationship. The average adult has an IQ of a 14-year-old and Emotional Maturity of a 5-year-old. What kind of relationship would you expect from such a person?

Think of it