How to Overcome Emotional Stress & live free



Yoana kim

Truth will Never Change, Expression change as you advance

The Truth never changes, but its EXPRESSION changes as man advances. Its just like love. It is ONE love, but different ways of its expression exist depending on the object of love and situation.

The Truth is in you, not out there. “I Am the Truth”!
Projection is essentially creating a problem for somebody else then asking them to solve it. It is being sick but asking another to take the medicine.

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People have a hard time accepting that they are the sole creators of their mental and emotional states! The average person thinks: “Others make me feel the way I am feeling”!

I recently told somebody that I live a stressfree life since I took responsibility for my thoughts and attitudes. They told me I claim to live like that because I take my stresses on others! How silly?? They could not accept that they are totally responsible for creating the stress in their life and so the easy way out was to accuse me of making them stressed!

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This kind of thinking is so common that almost everyone takes it as the normal way of life. I tell you, you may not be responsible for the circumstances but the attitude you assume in any circumstance is your sole responsibility. Nobody makes you feel anyhow, thats your sole kingdom, and you are the king there.

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