By Steve Mutua.

We all have an intrinsic need and desire to be useful in the world. Everybody wants to make the world (its THEIR world!) a better place. Parents want the best for their children.

Presidents want to leave a legacy. We have all sorts of available ways of making the world a better place.

Social work or community service is the direct result of this need and desire in our hearts. But has social work transformed the fate of humanity in any substantial way? What did all the greatest social workers achieve?

There is nothing wrong with social work. We can always help with food, shelter, clothing, education, money, intercultural enlightenment etc. Selfless work is a great mind purifier and has its place in the overall scheme of things.

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However, there is a limit which social work cant go beyond when it comes to helping humanity.

You may be a millionaire and devote your life to changing an individual’s life using money.

How much can you do for them to feel that you have helped them? You have the money, but what specifically would you do to really feel you have transformed and not just quantitatively enlarged a life?

Let’s bring this even closer home. The world is full of disillusioned relatives who keep lamenting how much they did for the other but how the other doesn’t seem to notice! People have murdered those for whom they once devoted their lives! This is usually a result of frustration.

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A man or woman does all they can for the other in the name of love, or so they think, only to be betrayed bitterly. How much can you possibly do for another to feel you have done something worthwhile?

Here is the thing to know and understand. You can only help people meaningfully only through their DESIRES. What’s the use of a Ferrari to a toddler? He just wants a simple toy!

Unless your help serves to satisfy somebody’s desires, it is no help in the real meaning. This is the root cause of all disillusionment with your goodness.