By Guest Contributor

THEY SAY YOU SHALL KNOW THEM BY THE (TASTE) OF THEIR FRUITS, A fruit has a different flavour when it is unripe as when it is ripe. Again, when a fruit ripens organically, it falls down to the earth on its own and without return. It gives itself up freely to others. Meanwhile, thats how it spreads the seeds for new life. In death, it spreads life.

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The same is the case with the ego. The ego is a fruit of natural growth. We cant help it. However, until it ripens ORGANICALLY and falls off by itself, this fruit has a sour taste, the taste of SELF CONCERN.

The ego does good, and thats ok, but all its goodness has a sour taste. The ego loves, and thats ok, but its love has a bitter and sour taste. Whatever the ego manifests, it taints with its sourness.

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Many of us are impatient when it comes to natural ripening of the ego, and so we accelerate it. This however is a futile exercise. Just see how religions, which teach about love, are always fighting and maligning each other.

Religious “goodness” is an effort to accelerate the ripening of the ego. We all sense the sour taste behind every untrue goodness.

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Give ego time to mature and fall off by itself. Only then will its fruit and fragrance be sweet. In its absence, in its death, it gives and spreads life all around.