By Steve Mutua

Many people are yet to start investigating the reality in which they live. And thats ok. There is time for everything under the sun. But for those who are on the self inquiry journey or path, how to know if you have arrived or you are yet to?

Its a simple thing actually. Enlightenment simply means getting out of the mind and living here and now. Why so? Because the mind exists in the past and the future! It is never here now, it is never present. Only presence can be here now. The past exists in MEMORY. The future exists in IMAGINATION. These two dimensions of time keeps the mind alive. Beyond the mind, they never exist. Mind is time and time is mind. The PRESENT is not a part of time.

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So how to know whether you are enlightened, beyond the mind? A simple check. Do you get emotionally triggered when something happens NOW? By “something” I mean a thought, a word, an attitude, an event or an action, either by you or from outside of you. In other words, are you doing justice to this MOMENT? Are you reacting or responding to life, moment by moment?

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The one who is asleep reacts. And reaction is a binding: it binds you into new prisons, new chains. A response is out of freedom, hence it brings more freedom.

Reaction is out of the past; you act according to your memories, built-in by your experiences, conditionings. You react not to the present, not in the present. You don’t reflect the real situation as it is; you go on interpreting it according to your past, your past experiences.

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The man who is awake is like a mirror: he reflects that which is the case. HE IS AWAKE.

So use that as a touchstone to keep testing yourself. That way, you shall know when you have arrived. You shall be empty, like a mirror waiting for the next impression but keeping none.