How to grow your Mind.



By Steven Mutua

There is no other way to grow.
The mind always wants to throw responsibility onto somebody else; the mind always wants to become a slave. The mind is a slave.

It is afraid of freedom, it is afraid of responsibility — hence so many churches and so many organisations exist in the world, because so many people are ready to fall in their traps. In fact churches are not responsible, it is the people’s need. Because they need certain types of imprisonments somebody is going to provide them.
The economists say that in life there is a subtle law working of supply and demand, demand and supply. You demand and somebody is bound to come along to supply it.
People demand slaveries for themselves — hence the existence of Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and thousands of others who are ready to make a sheep out of you. They say, ‘Come here. Here is the shepherd’ and you become just part of the crowd.

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Think about it.