How to Grow Strong and Resilient.


By County Diary

27th December 2018

Have you known self entitlement is a gate for destruction, let’s walk together now, “If you want to grow, if you are really committed to self realisation, you must be ruthless with your ego! You must face yourself fearlessly! You must use every feedback from your environment to destroy the mask of your personality!

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Only then will your real self, your individuality, have a chance to emerge in all its glory! You may have to stop blocking people who tell you the truth!Blocking them from your sites only hides your individuality and strengthens the egos hold on you!

You will have to love your enemies, literally! It is those who seem your enemies who help you to grow! Our friends have some personal investment in us! They are afraid of turning into enemies, so they hide the truth about ourselves from us! Love your friends, but keep a keen eye on your enemies! Until neither a friend nor a foe can offend you, you are still stuck in your ego personality! Be ruthless with the ego if you want to evolve!!

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