How to face Rejection head on,ahead of valentine day & After



By Guest Contributor


Perhaps there is no more shattering experience in life than being rejected by those “supposed” to accept and honour us unconditionally.

The fact of being rejected is not the real issue as the meaning we attach to it. How do we actually KNOW that somebody is rejecting us? How do we evaluate somebody’s behaviour and conclude that we are being rejected?

Its important to understand that our interpretation of people’s behaviour has deep psychospiritual roots, often going back to our early upbringing and childhood experiences.

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The meaning we assigned to certain behaviours in our caretakers, especially parents, crystallised into CORE BELIEFS and these became the unconcious programs that drive our lives. Beliefs are always at a threshold below our concious awareness and they influence how we “see” life at all times.

Basically, the hurt we experience when we “feel” rejected comes from a belief that says: “My self worth is determined by how people see me/ people’s opinion of me”.

Just being able to see that people’s treatment of you says nothing about YOUR SELF WORTH demolishes the underlying belief and all the emotional poison associated with it.


It aint always easy but it can be done. Infact, somebody recently texted me: “I have lost all my hope in you”! I just laughed at that. Can you detect the hidden emotional message behind those words?

If I had a belief that: “My self worth depends on how this person treats me”, I would have suffered alot since those words would imply that “I am a useless person”! Do you get it?

I can help you bust such beliefs that are the basis of all emotional suffering. Yes, emotional suffering can END FOREVER!
In the meanwhile, here is a nice article to help you understand rejection better and how to deal with it so that it doesn’t destroy your life.

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Be strong face tomorrow courageous,if he leaves you it means he was not the right choice for you let him go. Let her go , The best is yet to come.

As long as you keep him or her the Mr Right will not come on board shake them off. ..allow Mr Right to come, keep off married men. Wait for the RIGHT MAN OR WOMAN.