How to change your Mindset to a positive Thinking


By Steve Mutua

Why does a man want to possess everything? It is one of the most fundamental things to be understood? Unless you understand why there is a constant hankering to possess more and more things, money, power, women you will not be able to get rid of this insanity of possessiveness.

Man wants to possess because he has not known who he is; he is unaware of his inner kingdom. He thinks he is a beggar, hence he begs.

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Desires are beggars. The more you desire, the more you prove that you are unaware of your own treasures. That very unawareness leads you into the desert of possessiveness.

It is a desert because you will not attain to anything. You may possess the whole world, still, you will remain the same hollow person, empty, your life meaningless, your vision clouded, your heart dead, your soul unborn.

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Man wants to possess because he feels tacitly that something is missing. What exactly is missing he is not able to decipher, but something is missing – that much is felt by everybody – so rush and fill the gap. Naturally, we start imitating others, the world is very competitive, it will never give you what you want, but what you stand for. Having a positive mindset and letting it go if the needy is a gain in today’s life.

Think about it