How to Be above the law of comparison


By Guest contributor

BEING ABOVE THE LAW is by choice! Now, let’s go deeper into the Conscious dinner table.
A friend told me that compared to many other people, she is a good person. I knew what she meant.

We all, at one time or another, think like this. Yet, we all hunger for a standard of goodness that’s so Absolute such that there is no question of comparison.

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We intrinsically know that state exists, for our soul’s cant hunger after what is non-existential.

The law can compel men not to be bad, but there is no way of compelling men to be good. There comes the difference between sin and crime.

Crime is the overt sin which violates the law and therefore is punishable by law, but sin is a crime which is covert, and may not be in violation of any law, and therefore may not attract punishment. However, in the universal design, justice reigns, and every transgression of universal law must be accounted for.

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Stop thinking like my friend, that comparatively you are better than most people. Go above and beyond these artificial man-made categories and BE consciously good, if you get what I mean, think about it