How the dream of Ngilu on farming is being demolished


On THURSDAY 7 March 2018
KITUI county executive Boss Bi Charity Ngilu launched tractors to be used by farmers to boost their farming at a friendly cost.

The program is meant to boost farming technology in kitui at the same time county generates revenues, where an acre is tilled at a cost of 1000 as opposed to other private tractors who charge between 3k -2500ksh

The calls by the county government leaders to embrace the use of new technologies in their farms are to better their yields.

The targeted farmers were those who can not hire a private tractor, the county administrators have colluded with rich farmers to have their shambas be given priority as opposed to the government policy.

Speaking at the launch of the subsidized farming program at Kitui bus park, the Governor said people can not confine themselves to continuous use of oxen pulled plows to till their farms and expect the yields to increase.

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“We can’t conform ourselves to the continuous use of oxen plows. We should make use of these tractors I’m launching today by paying the Ksh 1,000 per acre and get your farm tilled.” She said.

The Governor launched 40 tractors, which was distributed one per ward, which residents will be paying Ksh 1,000 per acre for fuel. The tractors will be managed by Ward Development Committees in coordination with the Ward Administrator and sub-county admin.

Today the programs are a conduit of theft and mismanagement by sub-county administrators down to village admins where farmers are not given receipts upon payments, there is no accountability on the process, no one knows if the revenue generated goes to county revenue account, A farmer told county diary reporter.

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The launch of the tractors was a major boost to the Food and Water pillar, the first pillar in the five pillar Manifesto she campaigned on, the leadership of kitui has been urged to keep an eye on the program.

The dream of kitui governor Ngilu is being demolished by the people she has entrusted to help her at the village level. The government must wake up and reign on these rogue officers.

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