How Rain Harvesting Is Saving Kitui Farmer Madam Kivoto Millions


Part 2.

A budding Small scale farmer in Kitui County is using a cheap but effective technology to save herself millions through harnessing a technology that harvests rain water from various sources during the rainy season.

Madam Gladys Kivoto Holds Master of strategic management from University of Nairobi, bachelor of technology management studies from Moi University, Accountant by profession; CPA(k) and a member of ICPAK

Madam Kivoto, a nascent agriculturalist who ails from Kitui south is planting onions, maize, bananas, pineapples, pawpaws, mangoes, spinach, tomatoes, butternuts by irrigating her crops from rainwater stored in ponds dug across her farm.

“This is the most cost-benefit project any local farmer can undertake. I was not trained on water harvesting structures but now I am enjoying their return on my investment.

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Madam Kivoto project in a nutshell shows how Kitui farmers can benefit greatly from relatively low investment.Kitui County is classified as semi-arid to arid, where most farmers are agro-pastoralists and rely on rainfall for farming.

There is a bimodal rain pattern, however, rains are often unreliable and
insufficient, As a result, farmers often face crop failures. but the farmer has a success story to tell.

The relevance of water harvesting, retention and storage is profound, as this can extend growing season, allowing farmers to survive and thrive in times of drought. It’s all about creative and thinking out of the BOX.”Anything can grow well in Kitui.

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Income gathered and compared with the costs of construction of rain water harvesting ponds along Mianda is what has pushed Us to rely on this technology” said Madam Kivoto when COUNTY DIARY paid her a visit on Sunday.

Madam Kivoto is not only engaging in planting but has also ventured into other sustainable income generating activities including livestock and bird keeping where she has over 500 Kienyezi chicken.

For example, one day old chick of a local Mbata musinga sells at 1,000 while prices for Kienyeji chicken vary According to size and weight.According to Madam Kivoto, a county onions harvest is fetching not less than 200k a quarter an acre from her farm.

“My projected target is not less than 2M in two months or so. You need to need expensive plastic tanks that cost an a and a leg in the market.

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“All you need is to identify and harvest rainwater from myriad sources around your home – including from your roofs collecting running road water and along with the Miranda and store it for the whole year

“Rainwater harvesting can be used to enhance household water, food and nutritional security” was her closing remarks.

Catch up the next episode of the success story of Mianda irrigation farming in Kitui county.