Opinion: The Jubilee Government has several suave advisers, the government has brilliant and stunning advisors many may not agree at the moment, but they will at the fullness of time, the Orange Democratic party leader Raila Odinga is arguably being managed.

The Jubilee Government were too weak after the last election, by bringing Raila on board, the government wanted to end every Monday demonstration, the demonstration we’re a big set back to the country economy.

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2017 while Ruto was busy strategizing how to inherit Uhuru Kenyatta ~ Raila was busy strategizing how to get nusu mate in Uhuru’s government.

While Ruto was busy launching his hustler Army team for 2022 ~ Raila is busy planning how to control parliament.

While Ruto is busy campaigning in churches ~ Raila is busy trying to overthrow Ruto out of government.

While Ruto was busy meeting international convoys to help him 2022 ~ Raila was busy at Atwoli’s home singing’ Ruto is finished.

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While Ruto was busy feeding 2m Kenyans across the country ~ Raila was busy enjoying his privilege in the Government

While Ruto was busy forming a team of political expert to lead him to 2022 ~ Raila is busy forming a team to sing ‘ Ruto will not be in the ballot.

While Ruto was busy stealing Raila’s team to help him 2022~ Raila is busy pushing Uhuru to fire Ruto’s men’s.

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While Ruto is busy bringing Kenyans together ahead of 2022 Raila is busy bringing together dynasties for 2022 endorsement.

While Kenyans are busy praying God to make Ruto President 2022 Raila’s family is busy begging Uhuru to make Raila president for one day.