How Over 200 teachers led by Simon Ndingo endorsed Ngilu’s Departure from county Politics last month



Over two hundred teachers drawn from the entire Kitui county last month endorsed Ngilu’s exit from county politics.

The team visited Kitui governor Ngilu at her home in ithookwe were the deal was brokered, the TCD Correspondent were in attendance .

In a series of meetings with Governor Ngilu, the team led by KNUT secretary general Mr. Simon Ndingo, Mr Mutia of Kuppet and other leaders from education sector endorsed Ngilu’s Departure from county Politics last month.

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The team had therefore endorsed Dr. Malombe for the Governor and asked the outgoing kitui Governor to focus more on the national government for the sake of the Kamba Community.

Ngilu’s exit from the kitui Gubernatorial race was not a surprise to the teaching fraternity leadership but it came as a surprise to many who had put all their hope in her candidature.

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