How Organisers of The Much Hyped “Youth Demo” Betrayed Each Other.


By Real Musangi

26,the Nov 2018


It was purely Con game! Be aware of them.

The rate at which the “demo” organiser had been dumbed by “friends” is both alarming and laughable at the same time. Previous staunch backers of the demo have since quietly retreated to their cocoons or have turned against the organiser blaming him for all manner of things.

People who promised us an earth shaking “demo” against the governor, told us the organiser is now at the level of the Governor and the Governor should be very scared and other laughable stories, have come back with dead silence.

Some of his previous backers are now questioning his age, mandate and capacity after the demo like they dint know all those facts before the demo.

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The few Governor’s detractors were simply excited at the thought of confusion reigning supreme in Kitui just so that they can rejoice. The detractors dint care who brings confusion and chaos, how it is brought, and who gets hurt in the process. Whether innocent residents and businesses are hurt in the process is non of their business or concern. All they care about is that Governor Ngilu is distracted from her job of transforming Kitui County.

This goes to show the deep seethed hate and bitterness these very few detractors and their backers have towards Governor Ngilu and the people of Kitui County in general. These are the real enemies of the people. The real enemies of progress. The real enemies of development.

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These detractors thrive in spreading propaganda, gossip, hate speech and basically all manner of fake news. You will see then peddling links from nondescript, struggling and unknown gutter press hate blogs which they themselves spend all day concocting. You will here then using phrases like “I heard” “I hear” “my moles” “my sources” etc. Please ignore such fake news.

The government is Not Committed to deliver her Manifestos!

Fellow professionals, with all your wisdom, intelligence and schooling, please try at all times to at the very least interrogate, the people that share gossip, insults, and propaganda, and the intentions of such people. Interrogate the intended purpose of such propaganda and gossip and who stands to benefit from it. Ask yourself, who do these detractors speak for? Lastly ask yourself if such propaganda, gossip and insults will help move you and Kitui county forward or just tear us down and take Kitui County backwards?

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We have come far as a people and as Kitui County and we will go even further if stick together and reject negative energy and negative people from taking Kitui County backwards.

Please fellow professionals, ignore FAKE NEWS propaganda and gossip. Dont join a bandwagon of hate-mongering, gossip and propaganda filled individuals who’s real intentions you do not know.