How Mwingi West MP Nguna (CNN) Vocal Activistism In Parliament Is Winning Admirers


Hon Nguna (CNN) has contributed over 126 times on various Motions, Questions & Session Papers on the floor of the August house – Source: Mzalendo)


Mwingi West MP Hon. Charles Nguna development record boasting over 300 projects ranging from sand dams to youth sports empowerment not to mention his flagship Blue Schools Regime across the Constituency is known far and wide.

But it is his sustained contribution in the 12th Parliament that has gripped the attention of Kenyans – probably making him one of the most vocal MPS not only in Kitui but across Ukambani as whole.

While Hon. Charles Nguna’s escalated grip in national and local matters has made him an household name in the Larger Mwingi, it has also made him few enemies – to their chagrin.

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But rather than slow him, it has only emboldened him to fight tooth and nail for his people of Mwingi West where he visits regularly to listen and share matters arising with his electorate.

Hon.Charles Nguna today ranks on the pole position as the most vocal MP in Kitui on matters including his war on sand cartels and his fight for communal lands.

The vocal Mwingi West MP has appeared and spoken over 126 times on the floor of house. He has contributed to over 80 motions and asked questions over 34 Questions during Question Paper sessions on issues ranging from super cartels to school upgrades.

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His latest appearance on 15th October where he personally defended his constituent.

This is a vebertim report from Hansard;

Hon. Charles Nguna) 

Thank you, Hon. Speaker. I wish to ask Question No.270/2020 to the Cabinet Secretary for Education: (i) Could the Cabinet Secretary explain when the Ministry intends to pay one Rebecca Kilyungi of ID No. 0402320 compensation of Kshs3,385,800, which was awarded by the Magistrate’s Court in Mwingi Vide Civil Case No. 188 of 2008? (ii) What has caused the delay in effecting the said compensation, which was awarded following the death of one Lucas Mutuku Kilyungi, who passed on following a road accident involving a Ministry of Education Motor Vehicle Registration No. GK A945G? Thank you Hon. Speaker.

Nguna says owing to the problems he has seen his people of Mwingi West go through during the past regimes, he has offered his entire life to fight for justice.

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“It seems I am not done yet” said the legislator popularly known as CNN speaking to COUNTY DIARY on Wednesday afternoon.

According to, a news website that profiles MPs contributions in Parliament, Hon Nguna (CNN) has contributed over 126 on various motions on the floor of the August house.

Source: Mzalendo)