How Modern beekeeping FARMING is Changing lives of jobless Kitui Youths



For many years, beekeeping farming was reserved for the outmoded people, little did many know, it’s through such farming that one can get clean money.

Modern Beekeeping farming is becoming one of the most lucrative ventures among the young people of kitui county.

The flamboyance City lawyer SS malonza founder and director of capital wisdom have continued to win a banquet of praises from the netizens for creating job opportunities through advanced modern beekeeping farming.

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Kitui youthful wisdom capital ambassador James ngumbau is among the few young people who have seen how beekeeping farming is changing lives through value addition.

The controversial Livestock Bill, 2021 which was to be introduced this year was discarded to allow for further consultations after farmers raised red cards to the government.

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The government of Kenya wanted to legislate beekeeping in Kenya the bill by majority leader Amos kimunya caused a serious uproar.

Ngumbau has urged kitui young people to venture into beekeeping farming instead of following politicians for handouts.