How Machakos Senator Betrayed His People Over Revenue Sharing Formula


Machakos residents are now up in arms against their Senator hon Kabaka for voting against the Revenue Sharing Formula despite his county gaining in the revenue sharing formula, the County Diary has learnt.

According to the number of residents, the people of Machakos feel that their own representative has utterly betrayed.They have termed his actions as treacherous of the highest order.

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On Tuesday 29th, July Senator Kabaka defied his people and voted No to the RSF, despite the earlier position he had taken during a Radio Talk show interview.

The good senator had vowed to vote in the Kangata proposals, the position he had earlier adopted before making a U-turn.

Mr Kabaka is said to have changed his position after the a storm erupted in the Senate floor which forced the Deputy Speaker to adjourn the debate to Tuesday after the uproar.

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A majority of Senators on Tuesday appeared to disregard their party leaders and plotted major amendments to the counties’ revenue sharing formula in a day of heightened political drama, innuendos and chaotic debate.

Fearing far-reaching political implications, senators decided to follow their conscience and their people as a storm erupted in the Senate during debate on the approval of the formula.