How Kitui is Defranchising Mwingi Central Farmers In War Against Locusts



As Kitui Government bloggers keep their strident drumming on how Kitui Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe is winning the war against the invading locusts – a glaring and deliberate error of omission stares back like the Egyptian Sphinx.

Is the County Government of Kitui deliberately defranchising Mwingi Central in the spraying of desert locusts?

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Reports that desert locusts, in their millions are currently running roughshod across the vast constituency while decimating thousands of acres of vegetation including farmers harvests seems not to attract official attention.

And what do we get?. Nothing.

No aircrafts overhead and no assurances that they will roar above soon to end the menance.

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Despite various media reports that the new yellow locusts have pitched camps in parts of Maai in Nguni Ward – as residents use rudimentary means to chase the insects in their millions, Kitui remains unconcerned as the Ionian pillar.