How Kiema Kilonzo Flexed His Wiper Muscles By Hosting Kalonzo Sons



How Kiema Kilonzo Intimidates Wiper Aspirants As He Kalonzo Sons

Wiper politics

Kenya High Commissioner To Uganda Ambassador Hon Kiema Kilonzo is on a roll as his political juggernaut takes new shape in the ever changing Kitui gubernatorial politics.

On Saturday, the flamboyant politician launched his gubernatorial bid in a high profile event attended by among other heavyweights Mwingi North MP Eng Nzengu including the sons of Wiper Party boss Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka – Hon Kennedy Kalonzo and Kevin Kalonzo.

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The well organised political event covered by the mainstream media brought together over 10,000 Wiper supporters fully clad in WIPER colours drawn from across Kitui County who confessed their support for KIEMA KILONZO and wiper Boss Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka.

In a quick turn of events, a section of Wiper delegates accused certain wiper candidate who they accused of being an introvert.

“He doesn’t welcome people to his meetings and we must thank our distinguished Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo for welcoming us to his residence where we can voice our development concerns without fear of intimidation” said a section of those gathered at the rendezvous.

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The meeting has left political pundits guessing what is the game plans between Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo Musyoka who is running on a wiper ticket.

Is Kiema the preferred wiper candidate? Has KALONZO settled on him? Will Dr Malombe and Hon David Musila back his bid?

“According to a local political analyst, the meeting had the full blessing of Wiper boss HE Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka”, it has intimidated other wiper candidates to the core, Muli told the press.

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The Other wiper camp has been running a smear campaign against the candidature of Ambassador kilonzo with all manner of negative publicity from local paid bloggers.

Speaking during the launch, the Sons of HE Musyoka Hon Kennedy Kalonzo Musyoka said, the son of Lion is a lion and “when Ambassador Kiema kilonzo was Mp for Mutito, his father used to be respected across the board”.