It is not the love of money as you may deem it but the power of love and the love of power that has made Kalonzo’s die hard supporter and big brother Muthama betray him to Ruto. The DP know well that Kalonzo cannot play a second fiddle hence the mission to sink his ship.

The DP is using the Machakos Ex-Senator’s enstranged wife Kavindu to tame him politically and squash his future political ambitions. Muthama shocked many when he quit a less competitive Machakos Senatorial race in the eleventh hour over conflict of interest as he couldn’t vie when his wife was vying. It was a sure bet for him in 2017 but he failed to defend his seat after Jubilee bankrolled his ex-wife for the Women Rep seat in the same county humbling the political guru who was leading a rival NASA Coalition battalion in Lower Eastern.

Muthama who had gone politically mute after the last polls to focus on studies has bounced back with controversial attacks and misleading remarks on Wiper Party leadership position on issues. However Kalonzo remaine silent but clevery retaliated by poaching Jubilee strategist tycoon Peter Muthoka who is among the leaders negotiating a possible coalition with President Uhuru. Muthama who has taken unmerited glory for the fictious perception that he funds Wiper has gone freezy over Muthoka’s entry as Ukambani “Mr. Money bags” and his replacement as Kalonzo’s “Mr. Fix It”.

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After finishing his degree course a visibly power greedy Muthama who is positioning himself to succceed Dr. Alfred Mutua as Machakos governor has to deal with the ghost of his divorce first or contend with the coldness outside political power. Kavindu who lost to Wiper’s Kamene Kasimbi in the Machakos Women Rep race on a Jubilee Party ticket remains a thorn in her ex-husband’s flesh. She was rewarded with a state appointment for being loyal to Jubilee and cutting Muthama to size. For Kavindu who is also in the BBI commitee to stay in government, Muthama must be out of office or switch allegiance to her master’s political outfit. Muthama’s political career is as dead as dodo after he broke of Robert Green’s laws of power “thou shall neither outshine your master nor step on his shoe”.

Now Ruto is at it again ahead of 2022, after failing to stop Kalonzo using a combined force of three defiant Ukambani Governors, he has switched gears. The DP privy to Muthama’s maritual predicaments hatched a well chereographed move capitalizing on the weakness to manipulate the moral authority conferred on the self-proclaimed Ukambani kingmaker. He has dared Muthama to front Kalonzo for Presidency and he will meet the wrath of his ex-wife in ballot. Ruto threatens to teach Muthama a lesson by funding Kavindu to contest for the same elective seat Muthama be seeking if he defies his orders to tame Musyoka.

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The former Senator understands societal norms, he knows very well that nobody the Kamba community cann vote for a person while their spouse, kin or a section of family members are of a contrary opinion. This is a real night mare and that is why Muthama has no option but to push for Kalonzo to work with Ruto. Since the constitution can’t allow the DP who is serving his second term to deputize anyone Kalonzo who has authoritatively affirmed that he will contest for can’t work with the DP. Sources close to Muthama say that he was at some point contemplating suicide when Kalonzo rejected his offer. This has also complicated his Machakos political matrix and made him vulnerable to opportunistic political rivals like Governor Mutua to make him their whipping boy.

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However Wiper Party Leader Dr. Kalonzo Musyoka has given a deaf hear to Muthama and put records straight that he will be in a Coalition agreement with Uhuru Kenyatta’s side of Jubilee political divide. Though the ex-senator secretly ditched Wiper two years ago over conflict with Governor Kibwana, it is not in public domain that the he is no longer a Wiper Member as deemed. Most senior Party officials including MPs and MCAs who are not privy to the developments have given press statements asking Muthama to quite the Party over disloyalty yet he left long ago. Only the Party Leader and a few people in the Dr. Siso led secretariat know but it has remained top secret.

Muthama now joins other leaders like Aisha Jumwa and Moses Kuria who have chosen to defy their Party Leaders coz Ruto is holding them at ransom with their pending court cases that range from; hate speech,incitement, slander, land scandals to murder.