The county diary

You must have seen it happen with you and others that what seemed an “innocent” word or remark or action “caused” a rather negative or strong reaction in another.

Children at a certain age don’t show these reactions whatever you do or say because of their ego or sense of “I” is not developed. They are innocently unaware. However, as we grow and take in confusing messages from around us, we start becoming “fake” emotionally as an adaptation to survive in a world we are now not sure of.

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However, when we start working on our awareness, we become sensitive to “fakeness” because we are slowly but surely moving back to our original innocence.

When an “innocent” remark elicits negativity in another person, it means there was negative energy or intent behind it. In other words, it was “fake” or not true.

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Some people are able to pick those fake or low vibe nuances quickly while others stay in confusion for long because they are confused about their own negativity.

The more you get aware of your unconsciousness, the easier it gets for you to sense and accurately “see” other’s unconsciousness.

The best thing to do if you get a negative reaction from somebody is to get more aware, that is, investigate from where your action or words have originated. Until you do this, you will take others as the source of your negativity, what we call projection. Others simply reflect your reality at that moment.